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Our group offers the following courses


"Methoden der Empirischen Sozialforschung"
(MSc Umweltwissenschaften / Environmental Sciences, MSc Forstwissenschaften / Forest Sciences)

"Sustainability Assessment and Governance"
(MSc Umweltwissenschaften / Environmental Sciences, MSc Forstwissenschaften / Forest Sciences)


We also support a range of other Master’s and Bachelor’s courses on a regular basis.


You would like to conduct your thesis with the Societal Transition Group?


Please make first contact via e-mail with the respective contact person listed below and include information on:

  • Your BSc or MSc course and elective line
  • Previous degrees/studies
  • Previous experience relevant to the thesis you would like to pursue (e.g. related courses) & information on courses you took on scientific writing/research skills
  • The proposed start and submission date of your thesis
  • Information on other activities you are planning directly prior to or during your thesis (like internships, stays abroad etc.) which may affect your thesis schedule


Currently available thesis topics

Please take your time to carefully review these and decide upon one or two possible topics you would like to work on before you get in contact with us. For more information on formal requirements of the thesis, please visit the website of your Master’s or Bachelor’s course.

"Using waste for material or energy purposes? – Challenges for sustainability”

“Edible insects as an emerging industry? Opportunities and Barriers”

“Urban food consumption profile in a select city and potential urban self-sufficiency”

“Circular Economy Discourses in France – impulses from bio-based industries and policies”

“Circular Economy in Chinese Cities – Who is engaging and how?”


Contact person: Jun-Prof. Sina Leipold